Free Trial & Payment

Do I need to share details of my credit card for free trial?

Absolutely "No", you do not have to share any payment details for availing a free trial of friendHRM. We are sure that most of our customers who subscribe to the trial version upgrade to the paid version as they find friendHRM a very useful and important tool for their business.

What happens when my free trial ends?

Once your free trial ends, you can make payment and switch to the package which suits best to your requirement.

If my trial period is over and the account is suspended, can I make payment and reactivate it?

Yes, you have to login to your admin panel and follow the instructions on screen and put in the payment details. If you have any questions, you can contact our support team and just drop an email to them.

What payment modes you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card and net-banking on our all plans.

Is there any contract term?

You are not tied into any contract with friendHRM. You can disconnect your services at any time and only pay for the number of months you have used the service.

Do I have to re-enter my employee data if I decide to buy during the trial period?

Not at all! You will have access to full working and backed-up system from first day of your trial period. And once you have upgraded to a regular package, it will be usual business.

Data and Security

Who owns friendHRM?

Friend HRM is owned by Prometheas Technologies Private Limited. We’re are specialists in developing business software and friendHRM is one of them. Our customer base shows our reliability.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in our highly secure data centre in association with tech giant Microsoft where the data protection regulations are strictest in the world.

Is my data secure?

The security of your data is our top most priority. friendHRM uses secure HTTPS encryption which ensures that all each and every data travels in encrypted mode from server to web browser. World's top most firewall secures all logs and controls all access to our data servers. It provides a single point of entry along with ensuring that your data can only be accessed from the specific locations controlled by us. Multiple layers of authentication are used in this process and any single attempt to access our servers from any other location will get denied and logged. Our servers are held in a highly secure data centre that has complete live cctv coverage, advanced motion sensors, reinforced access doors, controlled key storage systems, and an array of additional physical controls.

How do I import my data to friendHRM?

You can easily import your employee data to friendHRM in just few steps. You can find full instructions at friendHRM support page.

Is it possible to get my data out if I decide to leave?

Yes, it's very easy to export your data from friendHRM application using the authorised admin credentials and your data will be downloaded instantly. For any help related to this, you can just email our support team.

How do Cloud Systems operate and how to they assist me in running my business better than ever?

friendHRM is not only cloud based HR Software as it's can also be installed on premise. However, cloud technology is a great news for small companies. instead of installing HR software on your own server and each computer, cloud gives you power to access your data online at anytime. Users can simply access it through the online application or web browser. Our cloud technology is simple and very easy to use – only a small app installation admin is required while there is no download required from employee side. We operate the IT so you don,t have to. You can leave your IT work on us and focus more on the core areas of your business. Smaller companies gets benefits like reduced costs, flexibility in working and no need to spend big chunk of money on additional software and hardware. friendHRM is flexible as it can be used on Premise or on our cloud, whatever you will require, friendHRM HR Software will be a perfect fit.