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FriendHRM simplifies the way you keep, track and manage your HR information and payroll processes, along with improving your HR operational visibility and agility. Personal info, directory, company news and more are just a fingertap away. Get notified and instant update anytime, anywhere.

Run your HR operation like never before as everyone is benefited from FriendHRM's all-in-one platform, including Business owners, HR teams to every Employees.

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Gather all Employee Information

You can put all the information of the employee in the employee profile page. You can even add custom fields in the form using a plugin

Integrated Easy Payroll System

Now run your payroll automatically in few seconds. Using our payroll feature is easy. You can review and submit your payroll with your finter tips.

FriendHRM Sign Up Process


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Sign-Up online for friendHRM. Check the welcome email with a link to access friendHRM online.


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Click the sign-in link from the welcome email and enter your friendHRM credentials.


Add your Company and Employee Details

Open the friendHRM AdminDashboard to enter your company and employee details.

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HR Essentials
  • Centralized HR management system with customisable master fields
  • Complete org structure and configuration
  • Employee and HR related document tracker
  • Intelligent alerts and notification
Leave Management
  • Manage leaves in just few clicks
  • Unlimited configurable leave rules and validations
  • Complete seamless integration with payroll and calculation
  • Dashboard for HR, Employee, Manager and Management
  • Custom escalation and approval workflows ensure pure automation
Attendance Management
  • Unlimited shifts and roster creation
  • Integration with Biometric and multiple access control devices
  • System based overtime and shift planning
  • Easy working hours tracking
  • Mobile based access for Employees and Managers
Payroll Management
  • Flexible, scalable and secure payroll engine ensure high availability
  • Updated with most recent payroll related statutory compliance
  • Complete calculation and workflow on IT Declaration and approval
  • Pay slip and IT computation sheet available on mobile app
  • Reports and analytics available at all the levels
Travel Management
  • Easy travel requisition and approval process
  • Set up eligibilities and entitlements as per company policy
  • Mobile Travel desk ensures high accessibility and comfort to employee
  • Easy access to travel arrangements, tickets through mobile app
  • Reporting and mapping workflow for domestic and international travel
Claims Management
  • Monitor and control the claim limits and eligibility automatically
  • Claim submission and workflow available online
  • Automated expense claim and workflow ensure quicker claim processing
  • Multi-level claim approval system
  • Custom claim processing flow for exceptional approvals
  • Align business goals to Employees
  • Collaboration platform for project teams
  • Simple Project and Task Allocation to teams
  • Quick availability of resource data
  • Direct and Indirect resource cost analysis
  • In Depth Goal Setting and custom review
  • Periodic and continuous feedback mechanism
  • 360 Degree performance appraisal process
  • Succession planning and talent management
  • Supports various frameworks to measure productivity
Exit Management
  • Separation application and approval workflow
  • No dues clearance process and configurable exit checklist
  • Integrated full and final calculation and processing
  • Supporting document generation to formalize the reliving process
  • More streamlined exit workflow for smoother employment handover and exit.