Should companies have a special social media policy for employees?

Adopting social media platform for business communication is now a normal trend. When employees operate their personal social media accounts for communication their perspectives, lifestyle choices, personal thoughts on politics, company matters, etc. This can directly or indirectly affect company’s branding and credibility in the market.

If an employee continuously updates negative opinions about the company, company's reputation will get deeply impacted. Employees are actually ambassadors of the company which they work for.

Employees must be well informed of the reasons and policies which will include the steps to monitor their social media accounts, along with the information on the policy implementation steps.Therefore, these policies should be kept open and transparent in order to maintain trust between the company and staff.

Always establish the boundaries which makes your employees the reasons behind the monitoring of their internet usage along with the social media platforms they prefer.

Optionally, few organisations might use their employee handbook to communicate with their employees, which can include additional or specified rules for social media usage terms. Companies can now also update their policies in HR software like friendHRM HR Software which will have the company policies at employees finger tips. Employees using their login credentials to sign in to HR Software can read the policies easily. This practice will be good for companies operating in Malaysia, India, USA, and all around the world. friendHRM HR software is used by many companies in Malaysia and is really helpful for employees as they can get access to company policies and much more at their finger tips.

Employees not complying with the company policies may end up receiving disciplinary actions.