Importance of Complete HR and Payroll Software

To in this modern world, majority of calculative work have become software based and Human Resources sectors is also good the technology boost. Organisations now a days control and manage their most valuable asset which is human resources using HR payroll system which includes HR Software and Payroll Software or in most cases a combined HR and Payroll Software. HR software in developing countries like Malaysia and India is putting companies HR System under corporate microscope. Before implementing a cloud based or SAAS HR payroll system using a HR and Payroll Software, your human resources team should get proper training, so they can use it perfectly. This situation is common in countries like Malaysia with many small Sdn Bhds as majority of their staff is unfamiliar with HR and Payroll Software.

You should educate your human resources team about the steps to use HR and Payroll Software and this is required to avoid any issues with adaption of modern technology. Moreover, do not get surprised when your senior and older staff resist in adaption of new technology as they are used to the old paper work in office. In Malaysia to check resources on steps for proper change in your organisation, you can visit the website of Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) or Kementerian Sumber Malaysia and get the proper information before implementing a change.

There are many HR software available in market but while choosing HR software, you should choose the latest and the most advanced one. New HR and Payroll Software like friendHRM HR and Payroll software covers all the required features which old HR and Payroll Software may miss. HR Software which also include payroll software saves a lot of time on calculating salary of employees and makes the work faster with more efficiency.

Organisations which already have old HR software should check if their current software is as good as the new HR software like friendHRM HR and Payroll Software for Malaysia and India or lack in some features. If their old software is lacking in features, they should inform the software provider to add the features and provide an update or switch to modern complete HR software like friendHRM HR and Payroll Software. If the HR system is not effective, it will affect the company's overall progress.


Going with new and advanced HR and Payroll Software while give new wings to your company's HR department and it will also benefit to your employees as modern HR Software includes features like e-leave, e-claims, e-travel claims, and more for employees which makes most functions of HR easy. Modern HR and Payroll Software are cloud based so it can be accessed from anywhere. It follows software-as-a-service (SAAS) formula.

Now as all in one HR and Payroll software are available, it's wiser to go with the complete one package rather than going with separate HR software, Payroll Software, e-leaved software, e-claim software, etc. Companies like friendHRM are giving HR and Payroll Software for Malaysia free for one month with full features. Moreover friendHRM is free for India, USA and many more countries. You can check friendHRM at their highly secured website and get a free trial.