What Employees Want From Their HR Department

According to Google, Human Resources is of no use..!! This view is sadly echoed by many. In a recent survey, 27% staff rated Human Resources departments as "not very useful".

As per a comment on a netizen forum, the smaller organisations does not care to have Human Resources department while large organisations have it just to control their labourers.

This shoud be certainly an unfair thing to say about any profession; however, the statement states the impression of HR department on the on-HR employees.

Recently in a HR Software Malaysia forum, employees mentioned the skills which they feel a HR Executive should have. Lets's check few of the most important skills most employees want from their HR.


1. Reading Mind

Human Resource team members are amazing while they work with people. HR should easyly understand and should have ability to connect with others fast and effectively, this makes them the perfect resource to get the proper and perfect talent to workplace.

Human Resources Staff gets complains from candidates about asking stupid and meaningless questions, the Human Resources department do have impression of being great to deal with people.

2. Great Mathematicians

Employers like the Human Resource team members who are capable to make the most out of their pay budgets. However, it can backfire badly if not done perfectly. We can see a lot of complaints from candidates about HR department now offering proper salary and want them to go away with less salary. Budgeting is a good thing; however, providing bad experience to candidates will ruin the employer branding.

3. Meddlers

Human Resources department is responsible to penalise employees breaking company rules. They also have to handle the problems among the colleges. When then deal with such harsh issues, we can easily label them the meddler.

4. Experts of Excel Reports

Human Resources department needs to process a large amount of data on daily basis using the advanced HR and Payroll Software. It's is true that there is an Excel God in each Human Resources Department. Now a days Human Resources have automated their work with HR and Payroll Software available in countries like Malaysia, India, USA, and more. HR software have eased the work of HR professionals and reports are also created in seconds.

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