Is HR and Payroll Software good for HR Team Only?

HR Software is useful for not only HR Team, but also the business owners, employees, directors, and a lot more. Real fact is many companies doesn't have dedicated HR team. People from different roles can use HR Software.

Here we will show you who will use HR software and the benefit of HR and Payroll software for them:


Small Businesses Owner

In small organisations, the boss is responsible for everything from HR Management to Payroll. This includes from managing IT systems to looking all tasks about team members.


For small organisations, HR processes can be followed easily with HR and Payroll Software. HR and Payroll Software now calculates salaries and also covers tips for holidays, claims and many more employees related stuff.

HR Software can help the new business owners and ensure that the no process is left. Now when there are cloud hr solutions available, HR Software and Payroll Software are simplified with easy steps and small business owners can work without having to hire HR managers. HR Software like friendHRM HR and Payroll Software is meant for small, medium and large businesses. friendHRM is widely used as a HR and Payroll Software for Malaysia, India and USA.

HR and Payroll Software can simplify the employee management for small business owners.


Information Technology Manager

The Information Technology manager have responsibility for all technology systems in the company including the HR software or Payroll Software HR team uses.

Generally, IT team need to install, manage and maintain the software required by the employees and HR team.

Information Technology manager like to have a dedicated HR and Payroll software like friendHRM which can reduce the workload on their support team. Cloud-based free HR and payroll software like friendHRM will need minimum maintenance compared to locally installed software, which need specialised configuration and too much attention.


The Human Resources Manager

Most organisations having more then few employees will have minimum one HR Manager.

HR Managers works on reports on all the employees of the company. They have responsibility to manage and process Human Resource data including contact details, joining date of employees, salaries, bonus, leaves, holidays, and many more time consuming tasks.

The HR manager have responsibility to Visas, Permits, Certificates etc. to make sure that the organisation is following the regulations.

It's quite easy to understand why HR manager will like to have HR and Payroll Software.

With an effective and easy to use HR and Payroll Software, the Human Resources Manager can:

1. Get accurate data faster.

2. Get the information faster from the centralised server.

3. Reports supporting company's growth strategy can be analysed and collected faster.

4. Sensitive employee information and data is more secured and protected.

5. Can focus more time ingo meaningful tasks by automating the HR and Payroll procecss

The Human Resource Team Members

Organisations having large number of employees might might have Human Resource Executives to support Human Resource Manager.

Apart from supporting Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Executives can get involved in areas of recruitment and training. They are also responsible to get the right talent for the company, and to ensure that the company is operating withing the established budget.

Similarly like Human Resource Managers, Human Resource executives use HR software for entering the data and analysing it. They also use HR Software for stuffs like:

1. Recruitment of new employees and on-boarding them

2. Analysing skill gaps

3. Traking performance appraisals and also to track training programs


The Team Leader or Manager

In large organisations, team leaders or team managers find HR software very useful.

Team leaders/managers can use the HR software to track the training and development reports of their team members. They can also use the HR Software for e-leave requests, e-claim requests, and for reporting absenteeism.

The Team Members

Hr Software like friendHRM HR and Payroll Software provides self service access to team members. This reduces the HR Manager's burden significantly and the process like applying leaves and claims can become paperless. This also empowers team members with higher visibility and control over their own information.

HR Software is good for employees for the following stuff:

1. Updating Contact Information

2. Applying for Leaves Online

3. Applying for Claims Online

4. Checking the Pay Slips online

5. View entitlements

A good HR and Payroll Software like friendHRM is not only good for HR team but also all other department and core team members as well. You can sign up for a free demo of friendHRM at and see the benefits of automating your HR process.