Four Myths About HR and Payroll Software

There are some myths about HR software which are actually misunderstanding the great opportunities organizations in Malaysia, India and across the world can get by implementing a good HR software.

There are many false belief about HR software like:
– HR software is only meant for large organizations with lots of employees
– HR software will take my job
– HR software is difficult to work on
– HR software is too costly for small organizations

If these myths were true, then I will never recommend you to stop using the time consuming old style paper and spreadsheet work. But actually the issue is these myths are not true. I will share some information to clarify how this myths about HR software are totally false.

HR software is only meant for large organizations with lots of employees

Only due to your small number of employees and as you do not have to deal with too many leave requests does not actually mean that a good HR software is not helpful for you.

I know that small organizations have their own requirements which are different compared to large companies. However, a great HR and Payroll software is something much more than crunching big data and doing huge performance reviews. The reality is a good HR and Payroll software can help your small business to grow in a quick and efficient way.

Small business owners generally does not employ HR tem and the owner manages the Human Resources related tasks himself. In such scenarios, a modern Human Resource solution can be like your automated HR assistant which can help you filling the right boxes and reminding you about important dates and events.

HR software will take my job

I can assure you that HR department is not going to be replaced by Robots anytime in near future. And contrary to the myth, even the best HR Software in Malaysia, India or anywhere in the world doesn't actually do the complete job in the way you do it. A good HR software will definitely make your tasks easier and efficient.

Yes, a good HR and Payroll software will definitely save your valuable time, but it wouldn't replace you, be assured about it.

In fact, a good HR software will give opposite effect by making your better performing at your job and increasing your value for your company. You can manage your employees in a more efficient way and get improved performance from them. Having all HR related data at finger tips, you can actually become a HR data expert for your company with the help of a good HR software.

HR software is difficult to work on

I have seen few HR Professionals who believe that an HR software is too complicated to work on compared to regular paperwork they do. They also believe that it will make more work for their IT support teams.

I can understand this; however, a good HR software is easy to use and more easier to maintain as the HR software company provides 24x7 support for their software. And also not when there are modern cloud based HR software like friendHRM are available, which makes life easy for IT support team.

HR software is too costly for small organizations

The HR software are not that costly which a small company cannot afford. Infact there are free HR software versions available which can be used for a certain period to check their benefits. The price for HR software have become affordable even for small companies now a days and you can get a good HR software for Malaysia for as low as just RM 499 per month. This includes HR and Payroll software along with e-Claims and e-Leaved management.