How to retain top talent for longer term? The keys to retain your top team members

To retain your top talent, you need to make your employees to feel secure about their future. Now the important aspect is how will you grow that sense of growth and opportunity in your employees?

It is very important to spend some time with your team and make then to get an idea about their work affecting the company's growth. This will help you to spread positiveness in your team members at the same time removing the negative thoughts from their minds. This also helps them to understand that their work is very important for company's growth and with company's growth, their career will also grow. You can use HRsoftware like friendHRM to manage your man power efficiently.

Here are the best 5 steps to engage your best people and motivate them to stay:

A Logical Future - To make employees feel from within that their work makes a difference, be sure that you properly share where your company's is heading towards. How is your company going to affect the world positively and make it a great place to live. Also ensure that your vision is something which is possible and now just a mythical thought. Your team members should believe in your vision.

Goals which are growth oriented - Another best way to motivate your top talent is to give them goals where they can feel growing and learning new things for their career and getting exposure to the better working skills. Now the question is how to to this? Guide them properly and provide them opportunities to learn from their seniors, the more experienced team members and provide them enough guidance to learn new things. Set learning and development goals for them and this will help them see how they have the opportunity to progress in your company. Achieving those goals will provide your company and your team members tremendous growth opportunities. It will be a combine growth for employees and the company. I do manage my team members using the HRM Software friendHRM and it can be checked at

Clarity and transparency - Even though you give immense opportunities for growth to your team members and if they feel that the favouritism exists when it comes for promotion, they will start thinking to leave the job. They will want transparency in promotions. Keep your metrics proper and share the metrics and about it with the team members, so whenever a promotion happens, the team knows the best is chosen based on performance and not due to favouritism.

Superb Work Environment - Never underestimate the importance of awesome work culture that people will never think about leaving. You can do this by giving perks and benefits to your team members and it also can be done by a good culture that boosts interpersonal relationships. People will stay longer when they will feel their colleges are like their family.

Pay - The last and important motivating factor is the salary your offer to your team members - which is quite easy to implement but really very hard as effective. People will continue working with your until you pay them more compared to others. Still without enough growth chances, it's really hard to keep them longer with you as the top talent is always attracted towards growth and they always want to learn something new. When it comes to salary, never miss calculate the salary as it affects the company's image on your employees. We use Payroll Software from friendHRM and we never wrongly calculate the salary.