Future Features of friendHRM

Now is the time for HR to enters into quite new and more advanced areas. friendHRM HRSoftware is like a lucky star to provide more advanced features than the market reaches up to it, introducing the new and advanced version of friendHRM HR Software which not only includes dedicated payrollsoftwareforMalaysia but also includes a custom version for other countries where the taxes can be customised based on the current government norms.

friendHRM HR Software is now trusted by more than 1,500 customers globally including our prime HR Software market Malaysia and India. It's advanced features deals with your day to day HR related tasks in the most friendly way.

Our customer's reviews have guided us to add a tsunami of new features and now, it not only include more features like custom taxes, e-claims, e-leaves, it's like a next big thing our customers have been waiting for. Specially the new business and new startups that cannot pay huge amount to buy enterprise solution or a huge HR team. The good news for them is that friendHRM HR Software will help them with managing their most important assets and it will also help them to work smarter and save their previous time.

Today the world heading towards GIG Economy and the manpower consists all type of employees like full-time employees, contract employees, parameters & free lance employees. Here in this situation, upgrading to automation will give new breathe of life to businesses by reducing the budget and cost and providing the HR team and opportunity to focus on improving the work quality, instead of wasting their time paper work.

The HR Leaders who want to adapt the future innovations and technologies should definitely look forward for HR Management tools like friendHRM and take benefit of the culture of easiness and comfortableness which will lead towards faster and smooth work flow.

We at friendHRM are working with adding additional interfaces like Alexa and Cortana, so friendHRM will become more smarter with new assistant which will answer your Human Resources related questions along with helping you with various tasks like, marking attendance, going for lunch break, scheduling a meeting, applying for sick leave, asking the friendHRM HR Software to email your pay-slips and etc. So, once we implement Artificial Intelligence with friendHRM, it will bring a new way you manage your Human Resource data by engaging in a live conversation and asking for the information to friendHRM HR Software, such as “How many male employees we currently have? ” “How many employees are absent today?”, “Give me your last 4 years retention ratio”, “Give me reports about performance of xyz department, etc.

The top management will definitely get immense benefit by having super quick access to their humanresources data like team member ratio, average cost of employee, payroll details, deep details about number of employees (separated by category, gender, nationality, age group, etc). This will definitely help to bridge the gap between the top management and the Human Resources department by providing access to decision making data and important reports which can accelerate growth and prosperity of the company.

We are extremely thrilled launch this advanced and smarter environment for HR to small/medium/big companies. friendHRM HRM Software is more like an "Uber” from Human Resources industry and it has been rewriting the topics in HR industry.