Automated and Integrated Attendance

No physical paper work

FriendHRM Attendace softaware provides facility to employees to do leave application or attendace correction application from their mobile device or from desktop and makes paperless office by eleminating need of paper application

Seamless Integration

FriendHRM attendance software integrate with any biomatric attendance devices and fetch and compute required attendace data for salary process without manual intervention

Ease of access

Employee can generate leave and attendance report through ESS portal from FriendHRM attendance software. This will reduce employees query and improve employee engangement.

Attendance Policy

The Module allows user to define multiple attendance policies based on his requirement for different set of employees. Attendance policy allows user to define half day, Paid leave and over time related rules. Different attendance policy can be assigned to different category of employees or at individual employee level with WEF date.

Employee Shift & Work Schedule

Companies requirement of employee category wise multiple shifts can be easily configured using this module. System allows user to create N number of shifts with specification of shift time, grace time for early going and late coming, lunch, tea or any kind of breaks. This shift is assigned to work schedule and it is intern assigned to employees’ category or individual employee with WEF date.

Bio-Metric Device Integration

System can easily integrate with any Bio-Metric machine to capture in-out attendance punching data. This in-out information is cross checked against Attendance policy and shift assigned to respective employee category for preparing attendance data required for payroll processing. Admin of the HRMS system will have rights for correcting time-in and out data.

Online Attendance View

Individual employee, using ESS portal, can view attendance including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports with graphical charts.


Developed with keeping user friendliness in mind, friendHRM is created to help HR professionals in the most friendly way. Over the years, friendHRM have benefited it's clients time and time again by delivering a friendly HR and Payroll software which can be implemented and used easily.


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