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The Employee Self Service solution for Monthly Express Claim Submissions

friendHRM Express Claim Self Service solution enables employees to submit their own mileage and expense claims online. This makes the entire process paperless and fast. Amongst the prime objectives of the Express Claim is ease of input and allow employees to follow the progress of their claims online through the Express Workflow process. By enabling claimants to submit their claims like travel claims, entertainment claims and many more types of claims throughout the period, friendHRM Express Claims speeds up the flow of claims processing thereby avoiding the traditional month end bottlenecks. This will assists the timely payment of employees’ claims along with retaining the necessary controls within Express Claims to safeguard the integrity of the data and accuracy of payments.

friendHRM Express Claim Features :

User-friendly employee claims submission

Employees can check claims status and balances

HR Administrator can assess employees’ current & history claim details

Easy pre-defined common claim types

Submit claims with scanned receipts

Unlimited Employees Creation & Access

Claims management reports

Fully customisation claim type


Claim Entitlement Report

Claim Approve Report

Claim Reject Report

Claim Pending Report


User identification & password protected login

Support multi-tier claims approval

Notifies relevant departments upon approval or rejection

Web-based application using MS SQL secured database


Export claim records for external software applications integration use