friendHRM Cloud HR and Payroll Software Benefits

Flexibility of on premise and cloud computing, friendHRM offers the most user friendly deployment. If you opt for our cloud HR service, you will just need a web browser to use it. With easy mobility, our cloud HR have amazing flexibility for your HR team. friendHRM helps organizations one of the most cost effective, subscription-based HR Software solutions, which allows them to go with monthly or yearly packages. The pricing includes all features of friendHRM. We provide all in one HR and Payroll software solutions. With our cloud HR service, companies just need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee and they do not have to spend huge amount in setting up infrastructure. They do not have to make any upfront investments on licenses, hardwares or services costs, no additional support costs, and are entittled for free software upgrade each time we add new features to our HR and payroll software friendHRM.


Developed with keeping user friendliness in mind, friendHRM is created to help HR professionals in the most friendly way. Over the years, friendHRM have benefited it's clients time and time again by delivering a friendly HR and Payroll software which can be implemented and used easily.


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