friendHRM is payroll and human resource management solutions optimised for small, medium and large enterprises to help them streamline their end to end Payroll and Human Resource Management process.

friendHRM speeds all the basic and complex HR functions. From employee contact information, emergency contacts, assistance with payroll, leave and claim handling – you can be assured the information you want will always be just a click away. With all that vital information at your fingertips, you can truly turn your employees into a competitive advantage through reporting and business analytics.

HR industry today have a huge challenge of maintaining talent continuity at optimised costs. friendHRM understands the requirement and challenges of a global workforce, diversified HR policies, and it offers enough exceptions handling. friendHRM Global payroll covers more than 20 countries and more countries are getting added rapidly. Feature rich HR and Payroll software friendHRM covers all the features which are beneficial for HR team of an organisations and helps them to manage their workforce more efficiently in the most user friendly manner.


Developed with keeping user friendliness in mind, friendHRM is created to help HR professionals in the most friendly way. Over the years, friendHRM have benefited it's clients time and time again by delivering a friendly HR and Payroll software which can be implemented and used easily.


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