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Employee Life Cycle and Organization Chart

friendHRM HR software helps you in tracking full lifecycle of your employees in the most easy and convinient way which directly benefits you track your best talent and the nor performing employees.

This can help you with taking care of your best talent starting from the first day of your employee what growth regarding salary and the position your employee have made, which specific department he or she have worked for, who was the supervisor or manager of your employee for a specific period and and the year-on-year performance reports.

friendHRM HR Software also have feature which will allow you to track your employee's current and past rating which includes details about their role and responsibility field along with the best possoble growth chances.

Employee Gross Salary (CTC)

Meanwhile most organisations feel that they have pefectly configured the CTC for their employees, it's majorly missing three very important points about CTC:

  • Cost to Company is excluding many hidden expenced like gratuity, bonus etc. for the organisation.

  • Cost to Company generally misses integrating local labour laws like Minimum wages, PF, ESI etc.

  • Cost to Company is mostly not perfectly optimised for for employee benefits like Medical, Conveyance, Mobile bill etc.

FriendHRM HR Software, helps you in setting up a perfect Cost to Company for each employee balancing all the above three prime objectives. friendHRM's realtime microsoft excel rimports makes the new CTC up and run in a fraction of second.

Employee Self Service Module

In the current era of technology, it's right time to empower your employees by providing them a real fast and efficient employee self service module, which can enable them to finish the taske like leave application, claim application, check reports including the salary slips and more whenever they want using friendHRM employee panel. With advanced e-claim, e-leaves, e-travel applications, your team members from various departments like sales, marketing, projects and more can plan and complete their tasks faster and when they want it. This makes the whole process ecofriendly as annually it will save thousands of papers for an organisation.

friendHRM also helps your manager in saving a lot of time by software based workflow approvals. friendHRM HR software will allow managers to approve leave, attendance and travel application for their team members. Managers will also be able to review the performanace of the employees and can have a quick check on attendance history of all their team

friendHRM allows you to build custom workflows like Employee to Manager or Employee to Manager to HR and more. You can set multi level approval for all kind of employee requests like leave, claim, etc.

Employee Details

You can updated all details of your employee like Past employment, Family details, Documents, Personal details, Dependent details, educational qualification details and much more. These details can be checked at any time by the admin or HR using the login credentials of the software.

All these details can be imported in the form of excel sheet.

User Role and Rights

One of the unique benefits FriendHRM offer is, you can define employee level access to manager, means your HR can see only those employee details who are coming under his role or unit. So even set of Employee may be part of one payroll area still their detail cannot be seen by your HR if role defined so.

So you have complete control in FriendHRM platform for which employee have what role, what modules are accessible and what information he can see.

Different roles can be configured for your different managers for their different needs. Multiple roles can be given to one of your manager based on needs which makes platform very flexible and user friendly.