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Wherever you are in your journey, friendHRM has a package that’s right for you.


Choosing your HR software software just got a whole lot easier with friendHRM's easy to choose plans. Our specially designed HR and Payroll packages give you the right tools to reach your organisation's goal, whether that’s eliminating manual spreadsheets or becoming a strategic force in your organisation.

Automatic and Centralised Cloud HR and Payroll software

friendHRM is an all-in-one HR and Payroll software solution made for Small, Medium and large businesses in Malaysia. Our online HRM software is backed by more than 25 years of experience in all HR-related tasks. Also, friendHRM comes with integrated attendance management and leave management system with employee self-service and payroll management features. We are always analyzing our customers' need to understand how we can help them succeed more, and that's why friendHRM ranks high in providing the best value to HR.

Common friendHRM - HR and Payroll Software Pricing Questions

What happens once I sign up for a free friendHRM trial?

When you sign up for friendHRM free trial, you can use every feature we offer until the free period is over. If you feel like you and your organisation are getting benefited with friendHRM, you can subscribe for a monthly, annual or tri-annual plan before your trial period ends. We will send notifications and offers through emails couple of weeks before your trial period expires. This enables you to enjoy the trial period at peace and sign up for a friendHRM plan before the trial period ends in the most convenient way.

What's the initial setup process like?

Setting up friendHRM is as swift as using a simplest website interface. It's easy and a quick process with online sign up, instant access to your friendHRM account, immediate access to add employees and start enjoying the most easiest way to manage your employees.

Can I change my friendHRM plan at any time?

Of course, you will always have peace of mind when you use friendHRM as your HR and Payroll management partner. We provide all features with our paid plans and the difference is just of the duration as we offer monthly, annual and tri-annual plans. At anytime, you can contact us to upgrade your plan or switch to any lower duration plan. We promise to make changes effective within 24 business hours of your request and the billing will be prorated based on the number of days you have used a particular plan.

What type of support is provided?

We offer email and voice support for all our friendHRM customers. We also have live chat support available during business hours.

How do friendHRM annual plan works?

We have designed annual and tri-annual plans for our HR and Payroll to provide savings to our clients who choose friendHRM as their HR and Payroll management software for long term. When you sign up for a longer duration, you will get more savings on overall cost.