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FriendHRM is looking for investors

FriendHRM is a HR and Payroll Software from Prometheas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with an aim to cover $14-plus billion Automated HR marketplace. Rated in to 7 HR Software in Malaysia by Cloudsmallbusinessservice.com, friendHRM is build for making HR processes easier to manage. friendHRM is currently available in an on premises version while it's cloud version friendHRM lite can be accessed through web browser.

Idea behind friendHRM

HR and Payroll Management needs and upgrade to automation:

  • Save time by automating the HR and Payroll Process.
  • Allow employees to apply for leaves, claims, etc online.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of the HR department staff
  • Improve learning and development of team members
  • Reduce job performance evaluation costs

FriendHRM is not just a product but it's a mission to make HR and Payroll process online where thousands or employees and tens of office locations can be managed from one single software platform.

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Why to invest in HR and Payroll Software?

HR System starts right from Leave Application - As long as you use paper to apply or approve leave in the company, you can use friendhrm.com today! Problems of using paper leave application system:

  • 1. Employees: Hates data filling again and again. It took some time to realise manager approved or not. Application lost in someone's drawer?
  • 2. Managers: Should I approve or not - How many days of balance this person still has? Who else are applying leave at the same period? Can't make an informed decision.
  • 3. HR: Have a stacks of papers for filling and worst, Data enter these information manually into computer again.
  • Using friendHRM.com:
  • 1. Employees: Mobile supported. Click, click, type reason, apply. Immediate notification after manager approve or reject. Application is recorded in system.
  • 2. Managers: Full set of needed information inclusive of balance of leave, and who else is taking leave too
  • 3. HR: Have a set of softcopy (can opened by Excel to do all sorts of magic) of records ready anytime. Oh, did we mention it is FREE for startups having upto 5 employees?
  • friendHRM helps Small, Medium and large organisations to have happier and more productive employees. To achieve that, we follow 2 things: We build an elegant Software as a Service ("SaaS") Human Resource and Payroll Management System for organisations, and provide some basic features for new starts at no charge. We upsell employee benefits and premium software features that improves the HR and Payroll management process in the company.