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Extensive Leave Management

FriendHRM leave management system accurately maintain company wide different leave policies for individual employee or groups. The extensive leave policy configurations ensure that the system works exactly as per your requirements. With plenty of options available, you can configure your most complex leave policy in FriendHRM with ease.

Multiple Leave Schemes

Off course not all employees are treated same when comes to leaves.You may have different leave policy for your c-suites, managers and front line employees based on their department, seniority and loyalty. In FriendHRM you can create multiple leave schemes for different employee categories in terms of entitlement, quantum of leaves and other policies. This will help you to be flexible while crafting your leave policy applicable to only certain group of employees and avoid blanket leave policy for entire organization.

Multi Stage Leave Approval

FriendHRM can be configured to allow multi state leave approval like in case of two stage approval employee can apply for leave his manager can recommend for leave or reject from his level. If recommended then approval goes to one stage higher and allow department head to approve leave of employee. If manager or HOD requires they can check employees past leave approval and leave balance on real time basis.